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Amp up your nutrition bar with a positive charge!

Post Date: 05/16/2018

By: iTi Innovation ititropicals-granola-nutrition-bar

Coconut Water Concentrate: Flexible and Functional Beyond Beverages Amp up your nutrition bar with a positive charge. Coconut water concentrate (CWC) is full of electrolytes, nutrients and binding properties, making it easy to see why we at iTi Tropicals have identified this as a new application. The properties of CWC including viscosity, BRIX, and ability … Continue reading Amp up your nutrition bar with a positive charge!

What’s Trending in the Beverage World?

Post Date: 05/3/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  In a recent webinar attended by our Innovation Team, we learned Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) have been on a steady decline for the last 13 years. Isn’t that surprising? Of course it’s not. As our society has become more health-conscious over the years, I am sure all of us have tried to substitute our … Continue reading What’s Trending in the Beverage World?

7 Ingredient Passionfruit Mango Salsa Recipe!

Post Date: 04/18/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  The iTi Innovation team is getting in the summer swing of things with this passionfruit mango salsa recipe, made with iTi’s very own tropical ingredients. Feeling inspired? Contact our team of expert food scientists for more ideas like this one.  

Inside the Life of a Coconut

Post Date: 04/5/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  A coconut takes a full year to develop from a flower into a ripe nut. During this time the fruit of the typical coconut passes through 3 phases: Phase 1:Even before the nut is ripe, when it is bright green, one may drink the water. However, it’s important to realize that harvesting pre-maturely is … Continue reading Inside the Life of a Coconut

Emerging Ingredients: Acerola on the Rise

Post Date: 02/26/2018

By: iTi Innovation

Infographic: Acerola on the Rise

Post Date: 02/26/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  In December, we declared Acerola one of the ingredients to watch for 2018. Food Processing Magazine named it an Emerging Ingredient for 2018. In case you missed it: Acerola isn’t going anywhere. It’s an ingredient that’s on a steady incline to success – meeting the needs and exceeding expectations of consumers. Check out our … Continue reading Infographic: Acerola on the Rise

Meet Acerola!

Post Date: 02/8/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  The Little Berry with Big Benefits Ready to check out the new superfood on the scene? Introducing: acerola. Historically, it was used to treat a host of ailments from inflammation to scurvy, but today it is used for its potent natural source of Vitamin C. Acerola, also known as a Barbados cherry or West … Continue reading Meet Acerola!

Flavor Changer

Post Date: 01/17/2018

By: iTi Innovation

Enhance Your Soups with this Unique Ingredient Swap! Cold weather got you feeling sick? Or are you just feeling sick of the cold weather? Whatever the case may be, iTi can help you warm up with some revamped soup recipes. Our innovation team has conjured up a way to improve your soup’s flavor profile – … Continue reading Flavor Changer

Food Trends 2018: Discover What’s Possible With Tropical

Post Date: 01/4/2018

By: iTi Innovation

The food industry is buzzing with questions and predictions about what will be #trending in 2018. Check out our latest blog to learn why tropical fruits will be starring on 2018’s list of greatest ingredients.   Every year major food publications, data researchers, and even grocery stores publish their best predictions about upcoming food trends. … Continue reading Food Trends 2018: Discover What’s Possible With Tropical

Recipe Roundup: Holidays 2017

Post Date: 12/12/2017

By: iTi Innovation

  Our team is getting into the holiday spirit in the iTi Innovation Kitchen. Our expert food scientists shook things up with 6 tropically charged recipes that will stand out on shelf this season. Try incorporating these into your own holiday product selection!  Ginger Acerola Moscow Mule Ginger and lime pair well together. Acerola and … Continue reading Recipe Roundup: Holidays 2017

Increased Shelf-Life and Consumer Benefits: Why 2018 is the Year for Acerola

Post Date: 12/6/2017

By: iTi Innovation

  As 2017 comes to an end, innovators and marketers are looking ahead to new food and beverage trends that are expected to break through in the new year. This year, Food Processing magazine has named Acerola one of the Emerging Ingredients For 2018, and we agree that this ingredient is on the rise – … Continue reading Increased Shelf-Life and Consumer Benefits: Why 2018 is the Year for Acerola

Giving Thanks the iTi Tropicals Way!

Post Date: 11/22/2017

By: iTi Innovation thanksgiving

  Family, football, parades, and Black Friday frenzies are all a part of the Thanksgiving fun, but let’s face it – the best part is the food! Mouths water just thinking about the smell coming from the oven on the day best known for feasting. Here at iTi Tropicals, where passion for food is the … Continue reading Giving Thanks the iTi Tropicals Way!

Trick or Tropical Treats?

Post Date: 11/1/2017

By: iTi Innovation iti tropicals

  This Halloween, iTi made some delicious tropical treats in the R&D innovation center for the holiday. Now that the holiday has come and gone, it’s time to brainstorm and start creating next year’s treats! At iTi it’s our favorite thing to give traditional food and drinks a tropical twist. From candy corn to truffles, … Continue reading Trick or Tropical Treats?

The Innovator’s Guide to Incorporating Coconut Water in Your Products

Post Date: 10/19/2017

By: iTi Innovation

  Coconut water can be found in many places all over the world. It’s our job at iTi to bring coconut water and other ingredients home to you, and then help you integrate them into your products to create an elevated experience for your customers. Check out this guide on how to incorporate coconut water, … Continue reading The Innovator’s Guide to Incorporating Coconut Water in Your Products

Better Butter

Post Date: 09/28/2017

By: iTi Innovation

  If bored tongues are the problem, iTi Tropicals has the cure: Passionfruit! Elevate standard butter by adding tropical fruits for delicious flavor enhancements. All of our tropical fruits purees and concentrates taste delicious, but the combination of butter and passionfruit are in a league of their own. Creamy butter blended with the tart, astringent … Continue reading Better Butter