Make an Eco-Friendly Choice with Coconut Water Concentrate

By: iTi Innovation


Coconut water has exploded in recent years. Whether consumers are seeking out an alternative to bottled water or looking for ingredients they can feel good about, brands have responded with a plethora of options.


Coconut Water Concentrate vs. Single Strength Coconut Water

As a supplier of coconut water ingredients, we at iTi believe that it is important to understand the effects that importing these ingredients has on the environment.  That’s why we put together an infographic to explain the positive impact of choosing Coconut Water Concentrate over Single Strength Coconut water.

As shown below, one serving of Coconut Water Concentrate can yield an equivalent of 18 servings of Single Strength Coconut Water. This means that when you ship the same number of drums of Coconut Water Concentrate, you are being 18 times more efficient than when you ship Single Strength Coconut Water!


If you want to act responsibly when it comes to the environment, choose Coconut Water Concentrate for your coconut water applications. It’s an ingredient you can feel good about.

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