Coconut Cream Milk


Coconut cream is one of the many types of products supplied by iTi Tropicals.

Fruit Overview:
Coconut cream is a smooth, creamy liquid extracted from the grated meat of fresh coconuts (see Coconut Water for more details about the coconut). It is known to enhance aroma, taste, and mouth feel. Coconut cream can be used to produce coconut milk by simply adding water to the cream, reducing overall fat content.

Food Application:
Coconut cream has a smooth, creamy texture and a flavor that is not overly sweet. Coconut cream can be used as a dairy replacement for products such as milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk, buttermilk, yogurt, and many others. Since its texture is similar to heavy whipping cream, it is often used in a variety of curries, desserts, and cakes, and is an ideal ingredient for use in coffee and hot beverages. Coconut cream also works well in frozen drinks such as piña coladas and other tropical drinks. In terms of mouthfeel, fat content from coconut cream is often reported to be as good as twice the amount of butterfat.

Coconut milk powder, which is a powder made from pasteurized raw unsweetened coconut cream, is also a great alternative to animal milk.

Available Product:
iTi provides coconut cream that is aseptically packed with no preservatives. Product is available with and without natural stabilizers, that are added to prevent separation, and are 100% natural and GMO free. Coconut cream does not contain any artificial color, flavors, or preservatives and are processed in FDA registered facilities, which are HACCP and Kosher-certified. Organic coconut cream is also available.


Fat %


Aseptic Products

Coconut Cream without Stabilizers

Coconut Cream with Stabilizers

Coconut Milk Powder


441 lb. drum or 44 lb. carton
441 lb. drum or 44 lb. carton
33 lb. carton

Organic Products

Aseptic, Organic Coconut Cream


427 lb. drum or 44 lb. carton