Dragon Fruit


Dragon Fruit puree is one of the many types of products supplied by iTi Tropicals.

Fruit Overview:
Dragon Fruit, also known as pitaya or strawberry pear, is a fruit of growing popularity. Known as the most beautiful fruit in the cactus family, Dragon Fruit is cultivated in the subtropical and tropical regions of Central Mexico, Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia. Upon reaching maturity, Dragon Fruit reaches its optimal sweetness. The fruit has a hot pink or reddish skin with greenish scales, and the edible inner flesh is white, pink, or red with numerous small black seeds. The Dragon Fruit is known for its natural deep red-crimson color and slightly sweet taste often compared to that of a kiwi or pear.

Food Application:
Dragon Fruit is very appealing to consumers due to its exotic nature. Its puree can be used as a topping in a dessert, ice cream or sorbet, as well as in juice, jam, or topping on salads. It tastes great in tropical drinks, smoothies, yogurts, ice creams, sherbet, tarts, jellies, syrups, sauces, and cocktails. Dragon Fruit blends well with most fruits including banana, guava, coconut cream, pineapple, papaya, and mango and brings an exotic feel and color to a product without overpowering the palette.

Available Product:
iTi supplies frozen red Dragon Fruit puree. The product is 100% natural, GMO free, and is produced from fresh, ripe, carefully selected fruit.  It does not contain any artificial color, flavors, or preservatives and is processed in a FDA registered facility which is HACCP and Kosher-certified.




Frozen Products
Red Dragon Fruit Pure

9° min

40 lb. pail