commercial grade Mangosteen juice concentrate is one of the many products supplied by iTi Tropicals for industrial and food service applications.

Fruit Overview:
The mangosteen fruit is also known as “the Queen of Fruits.” The mangosteen’s exterior is round, dark-purple to red-purple and smooth. Inside, there are 4-8 triangular segments of white, juicy, soft flesh that may or may not contain seeds. It is said to have numerous health benefits and tastes like a cross between an orange and a peach. The mangosteen is slightly acidic in flavor but is luscious and delicious.

Food Application:
Mangosteen’s delicate flavor brings a taste of the tropics to any product. It blends well with other juices including peach, passionfruit, and coconut water and is also gaining popularity as a delicacy and fine, exotic dessert ingredient. It can be incorporated in juice blends, nectars, ice creams, yogurts, smoothies, cocktails, salad dressings, and sorbets.

Available Product:
iTi supplies mangosteen juice concentrate. The product is 100% natural, GMO free, and produced from fresh, ripe, carefully selected fruit.  It does not contain any artificial color, flavors, or preservatives, and is processed in FDA registered facilities which are HACCP and Kosher-certified.