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Redesign your alcoholic beverage with coconut water


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Tropical sangrias, tropical flavored beers,
fruit infused vodkas to name a few…


Many beer, wine and distilled spirit products
highlight event or destination connections to
inspire consumers.


Take a trip to the tropics!

Many iTi Tropicals ingredients can evoke the memory of a honeymoon or a favorite vacation destination. For product developers, iTi has several products that are especially suited for incorporation into beers, wines and spirits. These include clarified tropical fruit ingredients that blend well and bring a tropical mood to mind. The following clarified juices are offered: coconut water concentrate, passionfruit, mango, guava, banana, açaí and acerola concentrates to name a few.

tropical fruit essences

Clear distillates that carry a punch!

Recovered by rectification of volatile flavors that would otherwise be lost in evaporation, essences (also called aroma concentrates) are clear distillates with impact. Typically, they contain the taste and flavor of more than 100-times the fruit from which they are derived from, and they are the ideal ingredient for wine, beer and spirit beverages. So, a little bit goes a long way. Examples are passionfruit and mango essences.

event flavors

‘Tis the season!

For example, Pumpkin Spice Beer for Halloween and Thanksgiving, Eggnog for the holidays, Peppermint for Christmas, Spicy products for Mardi Gras. Consider passionfruit as an event flavor for Valentine’s Day!

savory flavors

Heat is the new sweet!

Want brown color or a bold toasted taste? Consider caramelized coconut water concentrate. It is made by heating coconut water concentrate to caramelization temperatures. The product can be reconstituted to a 100% single-strength juice yet it imparts a delicious toasted flavor that stands out in savory and other applications. To control the amount of toasted flavor, it can be blended with the un-caramelized concentrate. Coconut juice with a toasted taste is a delicious addition to coconut milk and tea!

the impact of cream

Smooth and special takes the cake!

Finally, coconut cream can be used to make tropical and vegan versions of cream-liquors, but without dairy fat. Think Irish Cream, Cream Framboise, Crème de Cassis, Piña Colada! Though technically more challenging because of the need to form a stable emulsion, coconut cream imparts a smooth, indulgent mouthfeel.