Açaí juice concentrate is one of the many products supplied by iTi Tropicals.

What is it?

The açaí palm, commonly found throughout the Amazon, stands 15 to 25 meter tall. The mature wild tree has an average of 4 to 8 well-developed stems from a single seed and root system. It has pinnate leaves that start from a prominent crownshaft that is reddish color. The palm produces an edible fruit known as açaí berry. The berry is round, 1-2 centimeters in diameter, with a single large seed. The seed is surrounded by stringy fibrous sheaths and a thin oily coating. The fruit is dark reddish to deep purple in color.

What is so good about it?

Açaí is one of the Earth’s most potent sources of antioxidants. Açaí berries are high in anthocyanins, the phytochemicals that give the berry its purplish red color, and are widely known for their health benefits in preserving cell integrity by protecting cells from free radicals. For the health conscious consumer base, the addition of açaí increases the intake of these phytonutrients which in turn may reduce the risk of cancer, lower cholesterol and promote skin health.

How to use it?

The açaí berry has a unique tropical taste. It flavor has been described as mixture of raspberries and chocolate or blackberries and pomegranate. It has also been referred to as milky, bitter, refreshing, tropical, and rich. The fruit is grainy in texture.

Açaí is currently very appealing to consumers due to its exotic nature and “superfruit” status.  It can be used in tropical drinks, smoothies, yogurts, ice creams, sherbet, tarts, jellies, syrups, sauces, and cocktails. It blends well with most fruits including banana, pineapple, papaya, and mango. See our applications page for recipes!

What iTi offers

iTi supplies organic açaí products. The products are 100% natural, GMO free, and produced from fresh, ripe, carefully selected fruit. They do not contain any artificial color, flavors, or preservatives. The products are processed in a FDA registered facility  which is HACCP and Kosher-certified.




4200 Frozen, Organic Açaí Puree 12% Solids


Drum (396.8 lbs/180 kg)
Pail (38.6 lbs/17.5 kg)

4210 Frozen Organic Açaí Puree 14% Solids


Drum (396.8 lbs/180 kg)

4220 Frozen Organic Açaí Juice, Single Strength, Clarified


Drum (396.8 lbs/180 kg)
Pail (38.6 lbs/17.5 kg)

4260 Frozen Organic Açaí Concentrate, Clarified, 18 Brix

Minimum 18°

Pail (38.5 lbs/17.5 kg)