Mango puree and mango concentrate are two of the many types of commercial-grade products supplied by iTi Tropicals.

What is it?  

Mangos are a peach-like, juicy fruit, with a single large kidney-shaped seed. The fruit is grown mainly in Asia, Central and South America, and Arabia and is known for its pleasant flavor. The fruits are 2 to 9 inches long weigh between 8 and 24 ounces.  The skin is smooth yet fibrous.  Mango fruit matures 100 to 150 days after flowering.  The flavor is best when the fruit is allowed to ripen on the tree.  Upon ripening, the fruit skin varies in color according to species.  It can appear pale green or yellow with marks of reddish coloring.  The flesh is dark yellow to orange color, depending on its variety.  There are hundreds of varieties of mango found globally! 

What’s so good about it? 

Mango has a delicate tropical flavor.  The flesh is extremely juicy and somewhat fibrous, closely resembling a peach.  The flavor profile is a combination of orange, peach, and melon.  It blends very well with other fruit juices including passion fruit, strawberry, banana, and coconut.  One of the major advantages of mango is the diversity it provides in terms of its ability to blend well with most ingredients while still carrying the exotic flavor notes of the fruit itself.   Mangos contain dietary fiber and are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.  Vitamins include Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E.  

How to use it? 

Mango is one of the most commonly consumed tropical fruits. Its exotic flavor profile and tropical taste are appealing in both sweet and savory applications.  It can be incorporated in juice blends, nectars, frozen desserts, smoothies, cocktails, salad dressings, sauces, and marinades.  The culinary applications are endless when using mango. Check out our mango applications page for recipes, videos, and more! 

What iTi offers?  

iTi Tropicals mango products are sourced from Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and India. iTi Tropicals offers purees and concentrates from several different mango varietals.  iTi Tropicals also offers mango puree and concentrate that are USDA certified organic. iTi Tropicals mango puree and concentrates are available for packaging in drums, cartonsor pails.  Please see the chart below for specific products and available packaging options. 

The products are natural, GMO-free, and produced from fresh, ripe, carefully selected fruit.  The products do not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  All products are all processed in an FDA registered facility which is HACCP and Kosher-certified. 

*9180 Aseptic Mango Concentrate, Mag River Region and 9831 Aseptic Mango Criollo are special order products.  Please contact us for assistance or to request a sample!  




9040 Aseptic Organic Kent Mango Puree

14.0° - 18.0°


9100 Aseptic Mango Puree

14.0° Minimum

Drum, Carton

9110 Aseptic Mango Concentrate, 28 Brix

28.0°- 30.0°

Drum, Carton

*9180 Aseptic Mango Concentrate, Mag River Region

27.5°- 28.5°


9190 Aseptic Organic Mango Concentrate, Mag River Region

27.5°- 28.5°


9450 Aseptic Mango Concentrate, Totapuri

28.0° Minimum

Drum, Carton

9500 Aseptic Alphonso Mango Puree

16.0° Minimum

Drum, Carton

9750 Aseptic Mango Puree, Totapuri

14.0° Minimum

Drum, Carton

*9831 Aseptic Mango Puree, Criollo

14.0°- 22.0°


9860 Frozen Mango Puree, Chato

14.0°- 18.0°


9965 Frozen Mango Concentrate, 65° Brix, Clarified

65.0° Minimum


9990 Frozen Mango Essence