Mango puree and mango concentrate are two of the many types of commercial-grade products supplied by iTi Tropicals.

Fruit Overview:
Mango is a peach-like, juicy fruit, with a single large kidney-shaped seed. The fruit is grown mainly in Asia, South America, and Arabia and is known for its pleasant flavor. Mangos have a significant amount of dietary fiber and are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. One small mango provides a quarter of the recommended daily allowance for vitamin C, nearly two thirds of the daily quota for vitamin A and good amounts of vitamin E and fiber.

Food Application:
Our mango puree, mango concentrate, mango essence, and organic mango puree pair well with a wide range of food applications like fruit juices, frozen desserts, smoothies, ice cream, baby foods, sorbets, jellies, and preserves.

Available Product:
iTi offers mango pureés, concentrates, and essences from the highest quality sound fruits. All mango products have been cleaned, washed, properly drained, sorted, and inspected. We have various varieties of mango sourced from Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, and India such as Alphonso, Totapuri, Kent, Tommy, Chato, and mango from the Magdalena River region.  We also have organic mango available.




Aseptic Products
Totapuri Mango Concentrate
Tommy Mango Concentrate
Totapuri Mango Puree
Tommy Mango Puree

28 min°
14° min
14° min

503 lb. drum or 44 lb. carton
507 lb. drum or 55 lb. carton
474 lb. drum or 44 lb. carton
485 lb. drum or 48.5 lb. carton

Frozen Products
Frozen Chato Mango Puree
Frozen Mango Essence


441 lb. drum
40 lb. pail

Organic Products
Aseptic, Organic Mango Puree
Aseptic, Organic Mango Concentrate


485 lb. drum
485 lb. drum