Innovation Center Video Press Release

Post Date: 02/15/2016
iTi Tropical’s Innovation Center Video Educates the Market on What’s Possible with Tropical

The 2 minute animation-style video conveys the opportunities available to forward-thinking food manufacturers.

Click on the video below to view.


Lawrenceville, NJ (X Feb 2016) – iTi Tropicals, Inc. (iTi), North America’s leading supplier of bulk tropical fruit juices, purees and concentrates, announced the release of a new video, which highlights the company’s innovation center. The video, which is available on the company’s website, lays out iTi’s food science capabilities as well as what clients can expect when they visit the iTi test kitchen located in the company’s Lawrenceville headquarters.

The dynamic innovation space is designed to inspire and create new ideas. It features the equipment necessary to develop new applications for existing products and supply technical support resources. Visitors can develop new tropical fruit products, help with sensory capabilities to compare and measure taste differences and product preferences, and measure product characteristics like pH, brix, turbidity, and color by spectrophotometer.

The 2 minute animation-style video is designed to convey not just the opportunity within the center, but also the knowledge that the company’s R&D scientists bring to the table to work with those who visit. The video is narrated by Don Giampetro, Vice President of Innovation and Quality.

Don has been with iTi Tropicals since 1998 and given that he is responsible for product development and quality control, he is an expert on the subject matter. “My 30 years in the food industry involving biochemistry, marketing, and sales has led to this. Being able to share what we do here at iTi Tropicals with others in the food industry is the engine that drives our business. Having a place to focus on innovation makes this happen. What’s possible with tropical is a result of innovation at its core, and vice versa.”

As shown in the video, the innovation center is a valued resource where clients can have their questions answered. Manufacturers, innovators, marketers, or business owners who are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition can come to the innovation center to push the envelope and test their creativity.

President and Founder Gert van Manen expresses the importance of the innovation center and the value it delivers to their customers. “Over the last 27 years, we have remained focused on our product line, while evolving as a company and continuing to add value for our customers. Through our innovation center, we are part of the creative process in developing new product ideas and concepts for our customers. We have non-gmo, organic, and fair-trade lines, but we believe there are other platforms we should provide our customers. We are constantly brainstorming, so stay tuned!”