Green Banana Flour


commercial grade Organic green banana flour is one of many products supplied by iTi Tropicals for industrial and food service applications.

What is it?
The newest addition to our product line is a gluten-free flour made from organic green bananas. The green bananas are picked and dried before most of the starch has the opportunity to ripen into sugar, maximizing the level of resistant starch. 

What is so good about it?
Organic Green Banana Flour is certified gluten-free, making it a great alternative to wheat flours.  The flour also contains 4.79%-9.32% fiber and contains resistant starches, which may help lower blood sugar levels.  Resistant starches also act as a source of prebiotics that help feed the good bacteria in the gut and help maintain a healthy gut flora. 

How to use it?
Organic Green Banana Flour originates from India and is light brown in color with little to no banana flavor. This gluten-free flour imparts a smooth texture and delicious flavor to pastries, muffins, cakes/cupcakes, donuts, and more. The product can be used as a 1:1 replacement for wheat flour in most baking applications or in conjunction with other flours.  

Organic Green Banana Flour is also a great gluten-free flour replacement in packaged goods where wheat flour is typically used.  Make a gluten-free pasta dough with Organic Green Banana Flour or use this flour to thicken sauces, soups, and more! The possibilities are endless with Organic Green Banana Flour.

What iTi supplies
iTi Tropicals offers Organic Green Banana Flour, available in a 22 lb., shelf stable, dry carton (box).

The product is certified gluten-free, natural, GMO free, and produced from fresh, carefully selected fruit.  Organic Green Banana Flour does not contain any artificial colors or flavors and the product is processed in an FDA registered facility which is HACCP compliant and Kosher-certified. 


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Infographic: Industry Guide to Organic Green Banana Flour