Cold Brew Coffee Innovation: Caffeine + Electrolytes!

By: iTi Innovation

You read that right, cold brew coffee that has caffeine AND electrolytes. It’s hydrating, energizing, and delicious. So what’s the secret? Coconut water of course. The innovation team at iTi Tropicals wanted to try something new, so we brewed some cold brew coffee in coconut water. Not only is this super simple recipe easy for anyone to recreate, it tastes great too! Check out the recipe below to make yours at home!

Coconut Water Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Preparing Coffee Concentrate

Ingredients AmountPercentage
Cold Brew Coffee2 sachetsExcluded from total
*iTi Tropicals Coconut Water Concentrate3.20 oz. 6.67%
*Water44.8 oz.93.33%
Total48.0 oz.100.00%

Diluting Coffee Concentrate

Ingredients Amount Percentage
*iTi Coconut Water Concentrate2.40 oz. 6.67%
*Water33.6 oz.93.33%
Total36.0 oz.100.00%


1. Choose your cold brew coffee.

2. Combine iTi Coconut Water Concentrate with water, mix well.

3. Add the sachets of coffee to the coconut water. Place in the refrigerator and allow to brew for 24 hours.** This will create a coffee concentrate.

4. After brewing, remove the coffee sachets and discard.

5. Combine more iTi Coconut Water Concentrate and water. Mix well.

6. Add the coconut water to the coffee concentrate. Mix well.

7. Store coffee in the refrigerator and drink chilled.

8. Top with a plant-based whipped cream.

Plant-Based Whipped Cream

iTi Tropicals Coconut Cream (24% Fat)81.48%
Vanilla Extract02.23%
Total 100.00%


1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

2. Place mixture into a whipped cream aerator. If you don’t have a whipped cream aerator, you can put the mixture into a stand mixer and whip until stiff peaks form.

3. Shake well.

*Amount of water may vary depending on the brand of coffee used. The brand we used called for 4 cups of water to make the coffee concentrate and 3 cups of water to dilute the coffee concentrate. Use the percentages of Coconut Water Concentrate and Water to adjust the amount needed.

**Depending on the type of coffee used, this time may vary. See directions from the manufacturer to determine brew time.

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