2020 Fall Innovation Recap

By: iTi Innovation

Over the past three months, iTi Tropicals’ Innovation Team has published a total of 9 new, innovative, and creative concepts. Concepts ranging from product applications and highlights to consumer trends, our innovation team has covered a variety of exciting ideas.   

The innovation team has really focused on the natural benefits that iTi Tropicals’ products have.  We took a look at various Coconut Milk Powder applications, the immune boosting properties that Acerola has, the functionality of coconut water concentrate in soup, and flexitarian concepts to incorporate plant-based fats and animal-based proteins. 

Coconut Milk Powder Applications 

In the first half of the year, our innovation team introduced our newest product, 100% Coconut Milk Powder.  Since then, iTi has worked on formulating with this product and developed several applications including: granola bars, apple cider banana donuts, and a coconut milk powder beverage.  We found that this product works incredibly well as a fat source and binder in granola bars.  The coconut milk powder also provides flavor and can be blended with other functional ingredients such as WholeFiber. 

Acerola Applications 

Did you know acerola fruit puree that has 25 times the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C in a 3.5 ounce serving?  Consumers are more conscious about their immunity health with the ongoing pandemic.  As a result, they are searching for ways to increase their daily Vitamin C intake to stay healthy.  Acerola is the perfect way to increase Vitamin C and keep a clean label. The fruit is quite versatile, it can be added to any recipe to boost the Vitamin C content and make your consumers feel great.  

iTi Tropicals’ Innovation Team developed a Cranberry Acerola beverage that contains 140 mg of Vitamin C per 2 oz!  Check out the blog post here. 

Functionality of Coconut Water in Stock and Soup 

Coconut water is naturally loaded with electrolytes, including sodium.  iTi Tropicals’ Innovation Team was determined to utilize coconut water outside of  the beverage platform.  We found that coconut water and coconut water concentrate are perfect for stock and soup bases.  Coconut water naturally contains a higher level of sodium, we found that when making stocks, additional salt is not needed.  Coconut water carries a light flavor, so it is not overpowering and it enhances other flavors instead.   

Coconut water can be used in place of water to create a more flavorful vegan stock.  The mellow flavor from the coconut water enhances the vegetables and herbs enough to create a richer flavored stock while still being plant-based.  The stock can then be used as an ingredient in soup recipes including iTi Tropicals’ Smokey Butternut Squash Soup. 

Looking for another reason to try coconut water in soup?  It is also a great functional ingredient!  Use coconut water instead of water when making bone broth. Popularity in bone broth has risen quickly in recent years because of the health halo that it has. Studies have shown that bone broth is naturally high in collagen, contains minerals, and has prebiotics to aid in digestion. Many consumers also turn to soup and bone broths when they are sick due to the natural benefits.   

iTi Tropicals Innovation Team is keeping up with the latest trends and always looking to use our products in unconventional, yet functional, ways.  We invigorated our chicken-based bone broth with coconut water to increase the electrolyte content of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.   

Latest in Trends: Flexitarian/Hybrid  

Flexitarian diets, a concept that allows consumers to change the way they are eating without being exclusive to veganism, are rising in popularity.  Unlike other diets, the flexitarian diet is not restrictive; it is inclusive and flexible.   

This diet is becoming popular and the innovation team at iTi Tropicals’ is working on products that use plant-based fats in conjunction with animal protein. One project that our team is working on is combining coconut cream with dairy milk to create a “coconut ‘milk’”.  We took skim milk – the absence of fat – and mixed it with our coconut cream to create a product that has a velvety mouthfeel.  We were also able to achieve a higher protein content than traditional coconut milk beverages/drinks currently on the market.  Check out the blog post for more info

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