Recipe: Acerola Holiday Beverage

By: iTi Innovation

The holiday season is right around the corner and iTi Tropicals’ Innovation Team is thankful for fruits and their natural health benefits. We are excited to share a new beverage recipe that is as functional as it is tasty.   

With fruits such as acerola, cranberry, and pomegranate, your immune system is sure to love this beverage as much as your taste buds.  Acerola is a natural, potent source of vitamin C; in fact, acerola puree has 25 times the recommended daily intake, in just a 3.5 oz serving!  Paired with antioxidant-rich cranberry and pomegranate juices, this drink is functional AND delicious.  

Check out the recipe below for a holiday spiced beverage that can be enjoy both warm and cold. 

Ingredients Percentage  
Cranberry Juice 54.55 
Apple Juice 18.18 
iTi Acerola Juice from Concentrate 18.18 
Pomegranate Juice 9.09 

* Cranberry juice, apple juice, acerola juice (water, 4070 acerola juice concentrate, clarified), pomegranate juice. 


  1. Measure all ingredients. Mix together.    
  1. Serve as is, over ice, or with warm black tea.                                         
  1. Garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon, nutmeg, and a glace orange slice.     

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