Recipe: Coconut Milk Powder Beverage

By: iTi Innovation

A beverage that’s 100% coconut, rich in mouthfeel, and a big on flavor? Count us in. The innovation team at iTi Tropicals has developed a beverage made only with three ingredients; our newest product, 100% Coconut Milk Powder, coconut sugar, and water. This beverage is delightfully sweet with a hint of caramel.  It can be enjoyed warm, cold, or with an added shot of espresso for a flavor boost! 

Simply dry blend 2.9% Coconut Milk Powder and 10% Coconut Sugar with a mortar and pestle.  Then, boil 87.1% water and add the coconut blend.  We recommended using an immersion blender to incorporate the mixture.  An immersion blender creates a foam top on the beverage similar to a foamed milk.  After that, enjoy! 

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