Wake up your Salad Dressing with this Passion Fruit Juice Recipe!

By: iTi Innovation

Looking for a new way to jazz up your salads?  Try using passion fruit as the acid in your vinaigrette instead of vinegar.  Passion fruit juice makes the perfect substitute because it has the same pH as white vinegar and provides a subtle, yet lovely passion fruit flavor in your dressing! 

This sweet and tangy passion fruit vinaigrette complements many different combinations of greens, but our favorite is a spinach salad, topped with fresh sweet strawberries, creamy feta cheese, and toasted pecans.   

Check out the recipe below for passion fruit vinaigrette! The best part is that it only takes about ten minutes to prepare! 


Ingredient  Percentage 
Oil, Olive  57.80 
5100 Frozen Organic Passion Fruit Juice  28.90 
Garlic Clove  3.47 
Spices, Salt  0.58 
Spices, White Pepper  0.29 
Spices, Dried Parsley  0.29 
Spices, Thyme Leaves  0.29 
Spices, Rosemary Leaves  0.29 
Spices, Oregano  0.29 
Spices, Basil Leaves  0.29 
Sugar, Granulated  2.89 
Shallots  4.62 

Method of Preparation: 

1. Measure all ingredients. 
2. Mince garlic and shallots. Place into a mixing bowl. 
3. Add 5100 Organic Passion Fruit Juice, sugar, and all spices. Mix well. 
4. Start whisking the passion fruit mixture while simultaneously pouring in the olive oil. Pour the olive oil into the mixing bowl in a slow, steady stream. 
5.  Note that the mixture will not stay homogenized, it will need to be shaken prior to serving. Pairs well with most salads. 

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