Recipe: Mango Sweet Potato Bisque

By: iTi Innovation

As the leaves start to change colors and the nights become colder, consumers naturally seek warm comfort foods to satisfy their cravings. Hearty soups and stews are perfect meal options to give the consumer a taste of the changing seasons. 

Elevate familiar comfort foods with unexpected, exotic flavors from tropical fruits. Many of our product offerings pair beautifully with the savory flavors of fall! 

Coconut cream brings a decadent mouthfeel to ordinary recipes while providing a creamy alternative for customers looking for plant-based soups and stews. Or, trade standard vegetable stock with a coconut water stock base for a flavor profile that is savory, salty, and sweet! 

As millennials continue to drive a desire for discovery and innovation when it comes to new foods and flavors, soup consumption is on the rise in many new formats. While one may think that fruits only pair well with chilled summer soups, a fruity kick may be exactly what you need to enhance your soups and stews this fall! 

Give our unique Mango Sweet Potato Bisque recipe a try! This indulgent soup features the following iTi Tropicals’ products: 

See for yourself how it brings something pleasantly different to your palate while warming consumers up on a cool autumn night. 

Request your free sample(s) of the products mentioned above by heading to our contact page. For a full list of product offerings, visit our website!  

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