Application Ideas Using iTi Tropicals’ Product Portfolio 

By: iTi Innovation

Innovate and create with iTi Tropicals’ fruit juices, purees, and juice concentrates.  With an extensive tropical product line, the application possibilities are endless!  

Product offerings include acai, acerola, banana, coconut cream, coconut milk powder, coconut water, dragon fruit, guava, mango, mangosteen, papaya, passion fruit, and pineapple! iTi Tropicals also offers an extensive line of organic products!  

Continue reading to learn how you can innovate with tropicals! 

Acai Puree

Use Acai puree as a base ingredient in a frozen novelty or sorbet for a plant-based, tasty, and antioxidant-rich treat.  

Acerola Puree and Concentrate

Boost vitamin C naturally in any application without compromising on flavor!  

Banana Puree 

Replace eggs with banana puree in formulas for a tasty, plant-based option! 

Green Banana Flour

Use green banana flour as a gluten-free substitute for wheat flour in baked goods, cakes, and desserts. 

Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk Powder 

The ultimate dairy replacement for every application.  

Dragon Fruit Puree

Brew hard seltzers and beer with dragon fruit for a bright pink hue!  

Guava Puree

Make frozen novelties stand out with the sweet, tangy flavor of guava.  


Tropical-ize salad dressings, vinaigrettes, sauces, and marinades with mango puree or concentrate. 

Passion Fruit  

Invigorate desserts and more with the bold flavor of passion fruit juice. 

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