Food Trends 2019: Discover What’s Possible with Tropical

By: iTi Innovation

As 2019 is wrapping up, the Innovation Team at iTi Tropicals revisited some of the more popular food trends for 2019. 

#Trending: Plant-Based

All throughout 2019, plant-based products continued to dominate the culinary industry. The driving forces behind this trend are the low environmental impacts of plant-based production and consumption. Because of this consistent and growing trend, the plant-based diet increased significantly in popularity as the year unfolded.

One plant-based product that we found to work as a very functional ingredient in vegetarian and vegan stocks and broths is Coconut Water. Coconut Water adds a subtle hint of flavor to create a well-rounded broth.

#Trending: Non-Dairy Yogurt

With plant-based alternatives on the rise, it is no surprise that non-dairy yogurt is also one of the biggest trends of 2019.  The driving force behind this trend seems to be as a result of the increase in lactose intolerances/dairy allergies. 

To appeal to your vegan, vegetarian and lactose-free consumers, consider using Coconut Cream as a dairy-free ingredient for your products.  Coconut Cream is smooth and creamy in texture and can easily be substituted in many foods that use traditional dairy products.  For example, when making a dairy-free yogurt, we recommend using coconut cream as the substitute. Coconut Cream offers a decadent mouthfeel and mild flavor that combines well with a variety of other ingredients such as Mango or Banana Puree.

#Trending: Fresh Sauces and Condiments

The market for sauces, condiments, salad dressings, and marinades have taken off over the past year.  Consumers are continually searching for different flavors that are presented in a familiar way. Adding fruits like Mango to a sauce can really elevate the flavor and make it unique.  Tropical fruits can even add a savory note to your condiments!

Another great fruit to add to your condiments is Passion Fruit. Passion Fruit has a pH that is the same as vinegar, so it can be used in place of vinegar in a salad dressing for something distinctive, but still familiar in taste!

Many consumers are also looking for sauces and condiments that have sugar reductions. Using a fruit in a sauce can help eliminate the need for added sugars, while still elevating the flavor of the sauce. Instead of using added sugar to sweeten your sauce, try using Banana! To add color without using an artificial food dye, use Dragon Fruit.  


iTi Tropicals offers 100% fruit products that are as clean label as they come. Reach out to the iTi team to sample some of our products and see What’s Possible with Tropical!

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