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The top ten trends in the food and beverage industry were published last month by Innova Market Research.  Innova Market Insights highlights what they believe to be the top things most likely to impact the food industry based on its ongoing analysis of key global developments in global food and drink launches.


We went beyond this and paired up some of iTi’s ingredients with new trends to help keep your products top of line in the marketplace. Find out what’s possible with tropical!


The Top Ten Trends for 2017: Innova Market Research  (Posted online November 14, 2016)


  1. Clean Supreme: The rules have been rewritten. Clean and clear labeling is the new global standard. The demand for total transparency now incorporates the entire supply chain as clean label positioning becomes more holistic.

Acerola, also known as the Barbados cherry, is a natural source of vitamin C and can help to deliver a clean label for beverage, confectionary or fruit spread products.  Instead of using a synthetic source of Vitamin C, try a sample of acerola instead.

Coconut water concentrate is another great ingredient which can be utilized for its binding capacity in granola and energy bars in place of traditional binders, such as brown rice or corn syrup.  It is also great for replacing water or broth in soup, with the added benefit that it gives a savory flavor and can possibly eliminate added salt from ingredient labels.


  1. Disruptive Green: With plant-based milks, meat alternatives and vegan offerings moving rapidly into the mainstream market, consumers now actively look for innovative options to incorporate the inherent benefits of plants into their daily lives.

– Coconut everything! Coconut Water Concentrate and Coconut Cream are extremely versatile ingredients that offer an excellent plant based source of non-dairy milk and broth alternatives for soups.  Coconut Cream can also be used in place of dairy coffee creamers and in baked goods. 


  1. Sweeter Balance: Although sugar is under pressure, it remains the key ingredient delivering the sweetness and great taste that consumers are looking for.

-Fruits are naturally sweet and can help to deliver unique flavor profiles. Bananas have a lot of naturally occurring sugars and can add sweetness without impacting flavor or having to label added sugar.  Try adding mangosteen or mango to your products to sweeten them naturally.  With the new labeling laws going into effect, consumers will be more aware of added sugars and will look for familiar items like fruit sugars.

  1. Kitchen Symphony: The connected world has led consumers of all ages to become more knowledgeable of other cultures.

-Consumers are more willing to take chances on uncommon flavors such as papaya or açaí.  Make these fruits the base of your next sauce or marinade. 


  1. Body in Tune: Consumers are increasingly personalizing their own nutrition intake, making food choices based around what they think will make them feel better.

-Our team is constantly searching the globe for manufacturers who meet our high tropical and exotic fruit standards. Every single one of our fruit ingredients is only added into our inventory once they have each been sampled and approved by our staff of experts as well as after numerous plant visits and a full review and approval of required technical documentation.

  1. Plain Sophistication: The number of new products using the word “craft” or “crafted” increased by 248 percent from 2011 to 2015 with alcoholic beverages, confectionery and bakery as the leading market categories.

-Most people associate “craft” with small batch or specialization. Help your craft product stand out from others by using a new tropical ingredient such as guava or dragonfruit.


  1. Encapsulating Moments: Targeting specific moments is becoming a powerful weapon for marketers, especially in categories like snacking. There is a lot to learn from the sports nutrition space…These types of products are optimized to the moment before, during or after exercise; for maximum efficacy.

Coconut Water is an excellent option for hydration after a sports activity.  Try adding coconut water concentrate to your sports drinks for the added benefit of naturally occurring electrolytes.


  1. Beyond Pester Power:  While “pester power” was behind typically less healthy shopping 10 to 15 years ago, kids are now often setting the family dinner agenda themselves.

-Gen Z and Millennials are willing to take risks when it comes to food, as they are more exploratory with flavors.  Capitalize on this by incorporating tropical fruits like passionfruit, açaí and tamarind. Using passionfruit as a glaze on chicken or pork puts a new spin on entrees.


  1. Fuzzy Borders: The most innovative products are being observed at the crossroads of different categories.

-Why not use this to your advantage with tropical fruits? Fruits tend to be associated with sweet products. Challenge this assumption by using them to enhance your savory offerings as well.  Pineapple and mango are great fruits to start with.


  1. Seeds of Change:  Seeds bring a natural source of flavor, texture and health, as well as high protein content, which consumers are looking to benefit from.

-Tropical fruits continue to be on the radar. However, now in combination with seeds, nuts and grains, they can help products be perceived as a “healthy indulgence.” Think; almond and açaí, banana and pumpkin seeds, quiona and mango. 


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