The Quintessential Tropical Ingredient


The Fruit of Passion

With a bold flavor unlike any other, passionfruit embodies the definition of “exotic” and can be used in many applications. Passionfruit is a spherical shaped fruit containing pulp with small black seeds, grown and harvested commonly in the tropical regions of South America. When the fruit is squeezed, and the seeds are removed from the pulp, what remains is a juice that containing an enticing and robust flavor. Passionfruit juice is high in Vitamin A, supplying antioxidants in the form of phytochemicals such as carotenoids and polyphenols.

Quench Your Thirst With a Passionate Cocktail!

The end of the week has arrived, and you’re ready to unwind with a cool, refreshing and spirited beverage. Passionfruit is the perfect addition to cocktails, creating an exotic, luxurious feel to a relaxing drink at home or dinner parties with friends. Impress guests with a pisco sour, a popular Latin drink containing passionfruit juice and pisco, a white brandy native to South America, lime juice and a little bit of sugar or simple syrup. Add passionfruit juice to margaritas or sangria to offer a taste of the tropics in an indulgent palate pleaser that enhances traditional flavors.

Inspire Passion into Confections:

Passionfruit juice provides a heady, rich flavor with a pleasant aromatic note. It compliments well in dessert items which may include pie fillings, cake frostings, ice creams, sorbets or glazes. Passionfruit also combines well with dark chocolate. Incorporate passionfruit puree into a traditional vanilla ice cream recipe, and freeze the ice cream into rectangular molds. After removing them from the molds, coat them in dark chocolate and voila! You have a delicious, chocolate covered passionfruit ice cream bar. Distinguish your dessert options with this unique, tangy, fullbodied twist on classic recipes.

Drink Applications

Differentiate your beverage line with the addition of this exotic flavor. Passionfruit pairs well with other fruit juices to make tasty beverage blends. Try blending passionfruit and mango juice with sparkling water to create an effervescent spritzer with a passionate edge!

Savory Applications

Passionfruit is a versatile ingredient that can be incorporated into savory applications as well. Add a sweet, yet tart note to salsas or spicy sauces with the addition of passionfruit to provide a unique blend of savory and sweet. Passionfruit works well in marinades, dressings and vinaigrettes by contributing its tart acidity. Consider combining passionfruit juice, aged balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper to create a passion filled balsamic vinaigrette that is simply delicious and perfect for salads!