Moo goes the Cow,
Crack goes the Coconut


I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for iTiceCream!

Remember as a child holding that vanilla ice cream cone while racing to lick up all the melted goodness dripping down onto your hand? Next thing you know, all of the ice cream is in your stomach, on your face, and on the floor. How did that happen so fast? Now you want more and your parents lecture that too much ice cream is not good, putting a damper on your dreams. But wait! Adding a fruit puree at 25% to a finished ice cream product can lower the fat content, offering a claim of “low-fat” ice cream. Reformulation of recipes to include fruit will not only cut fat, calories and added sugar, it will increase flavor and help in achieving the daily recommended value of fruit!

Don’t Top the Cheesecake, Infuse the Cheesecake

After the “Happy Birthday” singing concludes for your 5-year-old nephew, the lights go on and your eyes dart to that awe-inspiring cheesecake. Patiently passing along the slices that appear too small, your sister-in-law cuts one just big enough. The time has arrived. The slice you’ve been waiting for. Now you scurry to the toppings and load up the slice with pineapples and whipped cream. The cheesecake is now perfect. If only that didn’t take so long! By adding or substituting tropical fruits into the cheesecakemaking process, the satisfaction of indulging in your favorite dessert will be achieved so much faster. Who needs the Big Apple when we can provide the big pineapple, or mango, or coconut!

Be More Cultured with Tropical Yogurts

Why stick to the domestic flavors of yogurt like strawberry and blackberry when you can diversify? By using mango, acerola, acai and many of our other exotic flavors, the finished product will contain tropical ingredients from all around the world that naturally increase sweetness, Vitamin C, and fiber content. The use of purees and concentrates, allow for easier blending and smoother consistency. Consider substituting water for coconut water to create a lower viscosity in a drinkable yogurt for on-the-go needs.

Whipped Cream with an Acerola on Top

Let acerola, also known as a Barbados Cherry, be the tropical cherry on top of your sundae. Whether the coconut whipped cream is going straight from the bottle to your mouth or you’re decorating the guava custard pie with pink guava cream cheese icing, our tropical fruits blend well to satisfy that sweet tooth craving. Our various fruits add a range of color to brighten up any whipped cream topping, while enhancing the flavor and keeping the label clean. They are the perfect topping to finish off any presentation.