Soups and Salsas and
Dressings, Oh My!


Soups Up!

Souping is the new Juicing. The world we live in associates soup as being a hot meal. That doesn’t always have to be the case. A nice gazpacho in the summer can be cool, refreshing, and full of fruit! But if you prefer the heat, who says mangoes can’t be paired with jalapeños? Tropical fruits can be paired with heat from high temperatures too. After all, they originate in the tropics! Try adding coconut milk for an easy house made Thai curry soup or even a coconut cream of mushroom soup. Combining pineapple and tamarind creates a sweet and sour soup for a fun, healthy alternative to a traditional meal.

That’salsa wrote!

Tortilla chips have really come a long way. They were redesigned to hold more salsa on them. Genius. Now it’s salsa’s turn to step up. The traditional mild, medium and hot salsas are classic. But it is time to modernize them. Adding mangoes, pineapples, passionfruit, and papayas are just a few notions to enhance the salsa world. What better way to consume vegetables and fruits in one great bite. No fork required!

Dress it Up!

Dressings are a great way to make a salad more vivacious, ranging from light vinaigrettes to richer, creamier options. An acerola vinaigrette allows for a tart taste in every bite while skyrocketing the Vitamin C content. Fruit concentrates, like pineapple, can be infused with balsamic glazes to maintain the consistency while adding a fruity spin. Mangoes and coconuts pair well in creamy dressings.

Prefer meats and potatoes? Marinades work just as well. Guava balances well in a barbeque sauce or an Asian fivespice marinade which will leave your mouth watering. Need something savory for your steak sauce? Tamarind won’t disappoint in flavor or aiding in the daily values fulfillment of fruits. Who knew tropical fruits could be this fun?

What’s the Spread?

Tired of butter on your toast and cream cheese on your bagel? Jellies, jams, and marmalades made with an exotic and tropical twist can help the start of your day a bit more relaxing by channeling vacation memories. Not only will the taste be intriguing, their nutritional perks will shine through. That toast sounds even more appealing now, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t have to stop at breakfast. Add a tropical flavor to the standard cheese and cracker appetizer. A nice tropical fruit jam spread will definitely make you the hostess with the mostess.