Recipe Video: Passion Fruit Guava Spiked Seltzer Smoothie

By: iTi Innovation

Refresh your product line and take your customers’ taste buds on a trip to the tropics with a Passion Fruit Guava Spiked Smoothie Seltzer.  iTi Tropicals’ Innovation Team has developed a smoothie-style hard seltzer concept that blends fruit purees and juices such as passion fruit juice, guava puree, and pineapple juice with a neutral tasting grain alcohol and seltzer water for a fizzy, tropical smoothie seltzer.    

Check out our recipe video to learn how to make your benchtop samples today!  Detailed instructions can be found below. 

Ingredients Amount (g) 
8800 Aseptic Pineapple Juice Concentrate, 61 Brix 40.00 
5000 Frozen Passion Fruit Juice 40.00 
1000 Aseptic Banana Puree, Acidified, Seedless 120.00 
3500 Aseptic Pink Guava Puree 88.00 
Grain Alcohol, 190 Proof 20.00 
Seltzer Water 192.00 


  1. Refrigerate an unopened can or bottle of seltzer water until it is less than 40°F.  Keep refrigerated until use.  
  1. Add the 8800 Pineapple Juice Concentrate, 5000 Passion Fruit Juice, 1200 Banana Puree, 3500 Guava Puree, and grain alcohol to a container.  Mix well and refrigerate the mixture until it is less than 40°F.  
  1. Mix the liquid again and add it to a bottle or jar (308g per 16 fl. oz. container).  
  1. While the mixture is still less than 40°F in the bottle or jar, open the seltzer water and gently pour it in at an angle to avoid direct mixing of the two liquids.  Seal the bottle or jar with its corresponding cap or lid and mix the two liquids thoroughly by inverting the container multiple times.    
  1. Refrigerate the container upside down for at least 30 minutes to allow the carbon dioxide to dissolve in the smoothie.    
  1. When ready to drink gently turn the container right side up, open it and pour the entire container at an angle (to avoid excessive foaming) into a large glass.  

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