Creating a Dairy and Coconut Milk Hybrid

By: iTi Innovation

Flexitarian diets, a concept that allows consumers to change the way they are eating without being exclusive to veganism, are rising in popularity.  Unlike other diets, the flexitarian diet is not restrictive; it is inclusive and flexible.   

Because this diet is becoming more popular, the innovation team at iTi Tropicals is working on products that use plant-based fats in conjunction with animal protein. One of the products that our team is working on is combining coconut cream with dairy milk to create a “coconut milk product”.  We take skim milk and mix it with our coconut cream to create a product that has the best of both worlds; animal-based protein and saturated plant-based fat.   This results in a velvety smooth drink that is both satisfying and nutrient-dense.  Combining coconut cream with dairy milk also provides vitamins, minerals, and lactose to support a healthy gut microbiome.    

Simply blend 96% skim milk with 4% coconut cream at 24% fat to achieve a product that has an overall fat content of 1% with 8 grams of protein per 8 ounces. 

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