Product Spotlight: Brazilian Acerola Puree and Acerola Puree Concentrates

By: iTi Innovation

Invigorate your product line and intrigue your customers with iTi Tropicals’ Acerola Puree and Acerola Puree Concentrate. Originating from Brazil,  Acerola is an exciting ingredient to add to your product line.  Acerola offers a natural, plant-based source of vitamin C and exotic twist to applications. 

Vitamin C Content: Off the Charts 

iTi Tropicals loves Acerola Puree and Acerola Concentrate because it is a powerful source of naturally occurring vitamin C! Did you know that acerola is one of the world’s most potent sources of vitamin C and bio-flavonoids? Just 100 grams of single-strength acerola contains 20x the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Along with vitamin C, acerola also contains vitamin A, potassium, and calcium. 

Clean-Label Craze is here to Stay with Acerola 

As R&D teams strive to offer cleaner labels on all products, acerola is a solution for working towards a clean, simple and nutritious label. For a natural source of the Vitamin C that your consumers look for, as well as clean label pH control, use acerola as an alternative to ascorbic and citric acid. 

Discover What’s Possible with Acerola 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to acerola.  Acerola has a rather benign flavor that pairs exceptionally well with other tropical fruits including mango, pineapple, and  banana.  The acidic bite from acerola compliments sweetness from other fruits.  

Help consumers achieve their recommended daily value of vitamin C with a variety of different applications including: 

Jams and Jellies 

Acerola is the perfect ingredient to create a jam or jelly with.  With a tart, acidic note, acerola will balance out the sweetness from other ingredients for a perfect combination of not too sweet and not too bitter. 

Health Shots, Smoothies, and Juice Blends 

Blend acerola puree with other fruit juices for a 100% juice blends or health shot that contains the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.   

Or add acerola to any smoothie recipe for an added boost of vitamin C! 

Request a sample of iTi Tropicals’ acerola puree or concentrate today and bring consumers a product with natural ingredients and benefits they can’t resist! 

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