iTi Clarified Juice


commercial grade Clarified juice concentrate are one of the many products supplied by iTI Tropicals for industrial and food service applications.

Looking for something new?

Spice up your spirits and brighten your brews with iTi’s clarified fruit juice concentrates! iTi Tropicals offers several clarified tropical fruit juice concentrates that are especially suited for incorporation into beers, wines, spirits and mocktails. These fruit juice concentrates evoke a tropical state of mind and blend seamlessly into your beverage applications.

What is clarified juice concentrate?

Clarified juice is processed in such a way that insoluble solids (fiber, pulp, etc.) are removed 
 while soluble solids remain. This process maintains a bright, fruit flavor, and even color, and provides numerous benefits!

Why choose clarified juices?

Ease! There is less interaction with other ingredients, no sedimentation, and are easy to blend and process.

Clarity! Clarified juices are designed to have a minimal effect on the color of a finished beverage while still adding a pop of flavor.

Versatility! Try adding clarified versions of tropical fruit ingredients to support translucent beverages both alcoholic and non.

Labeling advantages! Clarified juices are real fruit juices, so your products are getting real flavors from real juice!

What iTi Offers:

iTi Tropicals offers a wide array of different clarified fruit juices including banana, guava, acerola, acai, passion fruit, and mango. All of the products below are natural, GMO free, and produced from fresh, ripe, carefully selected fruit. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in any of the products. The products are also processed in an FDA registered facility, which is HACCP and Kosher-certified.

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Infographic: Clarified Juice Guide