Recipe: Passion Fruit Dolce Espresso

By: iTi Innovation

Passion Fruit Dolce Espresso is the latest trend in coffee beverages. Layered with iTi Tropicals’ exotic Peruvian Passion Fruit, roasted espresso, and topped with vanilla coconut sweet cream, this is a  beverage consumers are sure to love!  

To prepare the Passion Fruit Dolce Espresso, there are several steps involved. First, prepare the Vanilla Coconut Sweet Cream using the formula and instructions below.  

Vanilla Coconut Sweet Cream 

Ingredients Percent  
iTi Product: 2200 Aseptic Coconut Cream, NO Stabilizers74.47% 
Granulated Sugar 11.35% 
Vanilla Extract 2.84% 
Water 11.35% 


  1. Measure all ingredients. 
  1. Combine 2200 Coconut Cream, granulated sugar, vanilla extract, and water together in a bowl.  Mix well. 

Once the Vanilla Coconut Sweet Cream has been prepared, the finished beverage can be prepared. To prepare the beverage, use the formula and instructions below. 

Passion Fruit Dolce Espresso 

Ingredients Percent 
Vanilla Coconut Sweet Cream 33.33% 
Espresso* 33.33% 
iTi Product: 5000 Frozen Passion Fruit Juice, NFC33.34% 


  1. Measure the Vanilla Coconut Sweet Cream and 5000 Passion Fruit Juice.   
  1. Brew the espresso.  
  1. Pour the passion fruit juice into a glass, then top with the brewed espresso. 
  1. Top off the espresso with the Vanilla Coconut Sweet Cream.  
  1. Mix the beverage and enjoy the abundance of flavors! 

* iTi’s innovation team used a Columbian Arabica roast, but any type of espresso can be used. 

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