Coconut Water Cold Brew Coffee Recipe 

By: iTi Innovation

Need a drink that’s both refreshing and energizing? Look no further; coffee cold-brewed in coconut water is the perfect beverage to boost your energy and keep you hydrated.   

Why Coconut Water?  

  • It has five essential electrolytes, including potassium, magnesium, and calcium. 
  • It has no added sugar, fat, cholesterol or preservatives, and is significantly lower in calories than many other juices.  
  • It provides added mouthfeel and body to your cold brew coffee product.  

Check out the detailed instructions below or watch this cold brew coffee recipe come to life at

Preparing Coffee Concentrate 

Ingredients Amount Percentage 
Cold Brew Coffee 2 sachets Excluded from total 
*2610 Frozen Coconut Water Concentrate 3.20 oz. 6.67% 
*Water 44.8 oz. 93.33% 
Total 48.0 oz. 100% 

Diluting Coffee Concentrate 

Ingredients Amount Percentage 
2610 Frozen Coconut Water Concentrate 2.40 oz. 6.67% 
*Water 33.6 oz. 93.33% 
Total 36.0 oz. 100% 
  1. Choose your cold brew coffee.  
  1. Combine iTi Coconut Water Concentrate with water. Mix well. 
  1. Add the sachets of coffee to the coconut water. Place in the refrigerator and allow to brew for 24 hours**.  This will create a coffee concentrate. 
  1. After brewing, remove the coffee sachets and discard. 
  1. Combine iTi Coconut Water Concentrate, coffee concentrate, and water. Mix well. 
  1. Store coffee in the refrigerator and drink chilled. 

*Amount of water may vary depending on the brand of coffee used. The brand we used called for 4 cups of water to make the coffee concentrate and 3 cups of water to dilute the coffee concentrate. Use the percentages of Coconut Water Concentrate and Water to adjust the amount needed. 

**Depending on the type of coffee used, this time may vary. See directions from the manufacturer to determine brew time. 

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