Product Spotlight: Coconut Water 

By: iTi Innovation

Hydrating, versatile and easy to blend, coconut water is the perfect tool for innovating your beverage line! With minimal impact on color and flavor when blended with other juices, coconut water helps lower sugar and calorie content while boosting electrolytes and maintaining 100% juice claims. Customers are craving beverages that are both functional and delicious – and coconut water is the perfect ingredient! 

Working with coconut water presents an opportunity to create lower calorie, 100% juice blends that are innovative yet simple. The opportunities are plentiful! Coconut water blends seamlessly with other juices due to its gentle flavor and aroma. In addition, its translucent color blends well with high color juices such as cranberry, blackberry, raspberry, cherry, and grape. And, it contributes a low caloric load with well known nutritional benefits. 

Coconut water blends well with other beverage applications aside from juice blends! Coconut water adds minimal color and flavor to beverages, so it can be incorporated into a variety of beverage applications including smoothies, mocktails, sparkling beverages, coffees, teas, and more. Driven by consumers’ fast-paced lifestyles, the quest for healthy and functional beverages is on the rise – and coconut water is the answer! 

iTi Tropicals considers coconut water a phenomenal ingredient, and an important tool that offers customers the differentiation needed to appeal to consumers. iTi Tropicals offers a wide variety of coconut water products that are natural, GMO-free and produced from fresh, ripe, carefully selected coconuts. The products do not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  

Request a sample of iTi Tropicals’ coconut water concentrate today at  and bring consumers an innovative beverage!