There’s A Lot to Love About Passionfruit…

By: iTi Innovation

No Matter How You Spell It!

Passionfruit or passion fruit?


The way that consumers search for their interests online is important. Something as simple as misspelling a word could have them straying from the content you want them see. At iTi, this is sometimes the case with one of our incredible exotic ingredients: passionfruit. Google trends has shown that the fruit is searched two different ways by consumers: either ‘passion fruit’ or ‘passionfruit’. Is there any difference between these two, other than a space? Let’s discuss.


Two Terms for One Great Fruit


At iTi, this difference in spelling is notable as we work to bring passion fruit to products across North America. We recognize that consumers search “passion fruit,” while experts claim that “passionfruit” is the more accurate name for the fruit. For this reason, we will continue to utilize both spellings to achieve maximum exposure of this versatile ingredient.


No matter how you spell passion fruit, it is undeniably becoming a favorite flavor among Americans (and Canadians, too!) iTi is proud to import the highest quality passionfruit products to North America. We believe in offering ingredients that food and beverage companies can feel confident incorporating into products. Passion fruit is one of many tropical ingredients iTi offers that will help traditional food products stand up to the competition.


passion fruit

Why do we believe this fruit is so great?


Passion fruit is appropriately named because this exotic treat is something to crave.  The largest producer of passion fruit is Brazil. However, they are also the largest consumer of both fresh passion fruit as well as passion fruit juice. The main exporters of the fruit are Peru and Ecuador, both of which iTi Tropicals exports its passion fruit juice and passion fruit concentrate from. While passionfruit has been a popular flavor in Europe for decades, North America has just started to turn its attention toward this delectable treat in the past few years.


Passionfruit is a rich source of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. The juice presents an intriguing flavor and striking aroma.  It adds a unique and unexpected dimension of flavor to items such as pie fillings, cake frostings, ice creams, sorbets, glazes, and even dark chocolate.  Passion fruit serves as a perfect ingredient for enhancing traditional flavors while creating exotic cocktails and beverages. This versatile fruit can also be incorporated for savory applications, adding a sweet yet tart taste to foods like salsa, dressings, and vinaigrettes.


Offering ingredients with great flavor and even greater label benefits for products is a proud practice at iTi Tropicals. For this reason, we will continue to saturate our content with both spellings of passionfruit to ensure it’s easy to discover (and even easier to get a hold of), space or no space!

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