Coconut Water: An Ingredient that Lowers Overall Calories in 100% Juice Blends

By: iTi Innovation

Here at iTi, we are always trying to find ways to further the success of our customers’ applications. We continue to see increased potential by incorporating coconut water into beverage formulas. Replacing fruit juice with coconut water in your beverage formula cuts sugar and calorie content, while still maintaining a 100% juice claim. Sounds like a win-win-win!

Coconut water imparts minimal flavor and color, limiting its interference with the flavor profile and appearance of your application. This is beneficial when working with higher ⁰ Brix juices, such as grape or apple. Replacing a 100% apple juice formula with a 50% coconut water/50% apple juice blend lowers the calorie content from 139 to just 89 per 8 fl oz serving. That’s a 36% reduction in calorie content and it’s still considered 100% juice!

Consumers are becoming more health conscious than ever, and are seeking out beverage options that provide better nutritional value. Coconut water is the solution! Not only does it retain a 100% juice claim, but it also offers a high electrolyte content, which will leave your consumers feeling hydrated and good about what they’re drinking.

Take a look at the table below to see how coconut water reduces calorie content in the following juice blends with 50% coconut water.

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*Calorie content derived from iTi Tropicals Nutritional Profiles

**Calorie content derived from USDA Food Composition Database


At iTi, we offer coconut water in both single strength and concentrated forms. Check out the coconut water products that we offer, and request a sample today!

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