Tropical Fruits are
Sweeter Than You Think


Fruit Cake 2.0

Parents often worry that their children consume too much sugar. Birthday parties ultimately result in sugar overload. No one wants to be the parent that doesn’t allow tasty treats, or forbids their child from participating in the fun. iTi Tropicals offers endless options of exotic fruits that can be incorporated into cupcakes and cakes. By substituting acerola puree for water in a cake recipe you’ll be able to create a tasty dessert with an added benefit of providing high amounts of Vitamin C and low amounts of sugar. Now when you volunteer to bring a fruit cake to the party, no one will cringe!

The Pies the Limit

Coconut Cream pies are already a hit, sadly we cannot take credit for that. What iTi Tropicals can take credit for is our variety of coconut creams. With options such as organic, conventional, fair trade and stabilizer free, there are many ways to meet your pie making needs. The addition of other fruit purees will add body and mouthfeel while concentrates will add bold flavors. But don’t just stop there. All of our diverse fruits have advantageous health benefits. Rich in beta-carotene, a guava coconut cream pie will benefit your skin, eyes, and immune system. Your taste buds will thank you too!

The Tropical Bakery

Tropical fruits are being utilized in many countries around the world, and it’s working! Let’s hop on this tropical fruit train together and make bakery pastries- cultured. iTi offers a variety of banana purees to fulfill your banana bread desires. Donuts do not have to be bad for you. Neither do scones, pastry puffs, or tarts, just add banana! It’s fruit, right? Changing that jelly donut from strawberry to passion fruit is an ingenious flavor advancement!

Calling all Chocoholics!

The combination of dark chocolate, rich in antioxidants, and nutrient packed coconut oil produces a well-balanced treat. Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids. They aid in feeling satisfied and reducing stored fat during metabolic reactions in the body. Chocolate makes people happy, and coconut oil helps improve your mood. It sounds like we just created a super treat! Not to mention that this treat can be vegan too. Take this chocolate-coconut oil mixture and use it as a decadent drizzle. Coconut chocolate-covered fruit is the future. Coconut oil has a low melting point, which means if you freeze your coconut chocolate açaí treats, they won’t take long to defrost. Before you know it, you’ll be able to enjoy the antioxidants, fiber, and paradise.