What’s Trending in the Beverage World?

By: iTi Innovation


In a recent webinar attended by our Innovation Team, we learned Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) have been on a steady decline for the last 13 years. Isn’t that surprising? Of course it’s not. As our society has become more health-conscious over the years, I am sure all of us have tried to substitute our daily soda drink for a water or iced tea. Therefore, it is also not too shocking to hear the bottled water industry has seen a recent growth spurt. The bottled water market has many segments, including but not limited to, sparkling water, value added water, and flavored water by fruit and/or essences. Who knew water had so many possibilities.

Ready-to-drink (RTD) coffees and teas are also on a fast track towards growth with their countless innovations and healthy improvements.

So where does iTi come in? For those craving a sugary drink, try adding Acerola to your water as a healthier alternative that provides you your daily  dose of Vitamin C and a refreshing fruity taste. Or how about those that need their caffeine fix? Adding coconut cream to your coffee is a perfect non-dairy option that has a creamy texture and flavor that is not overly sweet. You can even bottle up our coconut water!

What if we told you there were more beverage trends to take advantage of? Adult beverages are reporting upward trends in sparkling wines, craft beers and whiskeys, and different packaging presentations. That means there’s more room to step outside of the box and offer consumers something new, unique and authentic. Passionfruit rosé or banana whiskey anyone?! Or how about a delicious “mocktail” made with Coconut Water that hydrates well and is a healthy alternative for alcohol in cocktails.

With the products in our portfolio and the ideas from our staff, iTi Tropicals will help you and your company stay ahead of the trends.


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