Frozen Filtered Coconut Water Concentrate 

By: iTi Innovation

As further development and need continues regarding coconut water, iTi Tropicals is excited to announce the addition of a new product: Frozen Filtered Coconut Water Concentrate. The newest coconut water concentrate product is available as a specialized product.  

Frozen Filtered Coconut Water Concentrate is a microfiltered, 60 brix frozen product, similar to iTi Tropicals’ standard 60 brix product, with some additional unique micro and organoleptic attributes.  As always, conventional pasteurization and juice HACCP guidelines are adhered to and followed. The production process for filtered frozen coconut water concentrate has an extra filtration step, which helps produce a product with a very low micro load as well as being alicyclobacillus free. The resulting coconut water concentrate product is also clarified. 

Why use filtered coconut water concentrate? 

  • Filtered coconut water concentrate is a product that is well-suited in applications where a lower micro load is needed. 
  • The product is also perfectly-suited for applications where clarity is needed or desired.  Many clarified and/or clear beverage applications can take advantage of the unique clarity that this product offers. 

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