Coconut Water: Nature’s Tropical Hydrating Juice

By: iTi Innovation

Coconut water from iTi Tropicals comes from coconut palm trees native to southeast Asia. The coconut tree has been called, “The Tree of Life” as it offers a source of food, drink, oil, medicine, fiber, timber, thatch, mats, fuel, and domestic utensils to the locals.  The characteristics of coconut water vary with maturity and is best when the maximum balance between sweetness and acidity is reached, around 6-7 months of age. 

Coconut water, the clear liquid inside a coconut, is a refreshing and nutritious drink. One of the major advantages of working with coconut water is its 100% juice content. Additionally, it is significantly lower in calories than other juices, and it blends well with all ingredients. Unlike other fruit juices, coconut water is extracted at a lower brix, ranging from 3.7 ° brix to 4.2° brix and contains five essential electrolytes. With its natural electrolytes, coconut water has a mild, delicate flavor that carries a slight salty undertone. 

Exploring Applications for Coconut Water

The Perfect Pair: High-Brix Juices and Coconut Water: For a healthy alternative to high-sugar juices, consider mixing high-brix juices with coconut water. By combining these two ingredients, you can enjoy the benefits of 100% juice while lowering sugar and calorie intake. Give it a try and experience the best of both worlds!

Recharge and Rehydrate with Cold-Brewed Coffee or Tea Infused with Coconut Water: Seeking a drink that is both refreshing and thirst-quenching? Look no further! Mix coconut water into coffee or tea, or cold-brew tea or coffee in coconut water for an invigorating and hydrating experience. This beverage is both energizing and hydrating. 

Enjoy Coconut Water as a Refreshing and Hydrating Beverage: Coconut water is a light and refreshing drink that can be enjoyed on its own. It’s a great hydrating option as it contains five naturally occurring and essential electrolytes.

Coconut Water Concentrate as a Binder Can Reduce Added Sugars: Incorporating coconut water concentrate as a binder can help decrease the amount of added sugars in nutrition bars, granola bars, granola, and more. This is because coconut water concentrate is naturally lower in sugar than other binding agents.  It also blends well with other binders like tapioca, honey, and agave because it has a neutral flavor. 

Incorporate Coconut Water into Soups, Stocks, or Broths for a Hydration Boost: Coconut water adds a very subtle and pleasing flavor when combined with other ingredients and can be used as a stand alone base for a vegan broth or used in conjunction with animal-based ingredients. Coconut water is a natural hydration source because it is comprised of five electrolytes, including potassium and sodium.

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