Clarified Juices, Essences, HPP, and Organic Tropical Fruit Ingredients


Tropical Fruit Ingredients are some of the many types of commercial-grade products supplied by iTi Tropicals.

Clarified Juices, Essences, HPP, and Organic Tropical Fruit Ingredients
In addition to bulk, mainstream ingredients, iTi Tropicals works hard to help customers anticipate future trends in tropical fruits (similar to what got us into coconut water more than ten years ago)!  We like to think of ourselves as “market creators.”  These products are offered and inventoried on a limited basis to help develop interest, create demand, and offer volume.

Among the many current emerging concepts:

Organic Ingredients

Organic versions of mainstream tropical fruit ingredients to serve the growing demand for organic products.  Examples: coconut water concentrates, coconut cream, acai, acerola, mango, banana and other tropical fruit ingredients.

Clarified Juices

Clarified versions of coconut water and other tropical fruit ingredients to support clear and/or alcoholic beverages. Coconut water concentrate, passionfruit, mango, guava, banana, açaí and acerola concentrates are available.


Non-Heat Treated ingredients that are quick frozen and offered as ingredients for high-pressure-processing (HPP) for consumers who are looking for raw and raw filtered ingredients. Examples are passionfruit with and without arils (seeds), acerola, coconut water and guava.


Tropical Fruit Essences – recovered by rectification of volatile flavors that would be lost in evaporation, essences (also called aroma concentrates) are clear distillates that carry a punch.  Typically they contain the taste and flavor of more than 100-times the fruit they are derived from, and they are the ideal ingredient for clear and/or alcoholic beverages.  Examples are passionfruit and mango essences.