Vietnamese Purple Passion Fruit

By: iTi Innovation

Purple passion fruit has a rich, tropical flavor that is both tart and sweet. iTi’s purple passion fruit juices and purees are produced with passion fruit at peak ripeness, which helps to achieve that perfect balance of sweet and tart. 

What does it look like? 

Purple passion fruit is small in size and has a deep red/purple skin. The pulp and the juice extracted from the fruit is orange. 

How is it similar to yellow passion fruit? 

Purple and yellow passion fruit are similar in that they both have the same orange colored pulp and juice. 

How does it differ from yellow passion fruit? 

Purple passion fruit differs from its yellow passion fruit counterpart in that purple passion fruit tends to be smaller in size and a little bit sweeter than yellow passion fruit. 

Product Offerings: 

Conventional Passion Fruit Juice (NFC) 

Conventional Passion Fruit Concentrate (@ 50 brix) 

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