The Innovator’s Guide to Incorporating Coconut Water in Your Products

By: iTi Innovation


Coconut water can be found in many places all over the world. It’s our job at iTi to bring coconut water and other ingredients home to you, and then help you integrate them into your products to create an elevated experience for your customers.

Check out this guide on how to incorporate coconut water, and why it’s the thing to do.


Finding the Best Ingredient Source

There are several variables when it comes to sourcing coconut water. The maturity of the coconut can cause the water to taste differently. Young coconuts produce a sweeter, stronger taste, while mature coconuts are more mellow and versatile.

Another variable is the intensity of the water, which is measured in °Brix. iTi collects information on the °Brix level of the juice prior to concentration that can be used to reconstitute the juice to single strength. Harvest solids of coconut water are typically between 3.8 °Brix and 4.2 °Brix.

Here at iTi, based on our research and resulting data on optimal taste, we believe coconut water is best when consumed at a °Brix level between 3.8 and 4.2.



Why Coconut Water?

At iTi, we offer coconut water in single-strength and concentrated forms. All products offered are 100% pure coconut water without sulfites, added sugar, or other additives.

All this means that we have options on deck. Coconut water can be integrated into a variety of recipes. Take a look at our recommended coconut water applications to see some common applications of the ingredient. Some notable examples include using coconut water as a blend with juices, as a healthy option for athletes, and as a non-GMO ingredient.

Additionally, as consumers become more health-conscious, coconut water is increasingly in consumer popularity for its wholesome qualities. The “health halo” is real. Coconut water is a welcome ingredient on any nutrition facts panel.


How iTi Can Help

Since the FDA has not yet issued a single-strength standard for juice made from coconut water concentrate, it requires manufacturers to use the soluble solid contents of the single-strength (un-concentrated) juice used to produce such concentrated juice.

Our team of expert food scientists and innovators will assist you in determining the dilution rate from coconut water concentrate to single strength. To figure out how much water to add, first decide which °Brix level you’d like to achieve. We’ve created the table below to guide you to the right solution.


Starting with 60 °Brix Coconut Water Concentrate by volume

Desired °Brix Level 60 °Brix Coconut Water Concentrate Water
5.0 1 mL 13.2 mL
4.5 1 mL 14.9 mL
4.2 1 mL 16.0 mL
4.0 1 mL 17.0 mL
3.8 1 mL 18.1 mL

Please note: These ratios are determined by volume, to formulate with weight, account for specific gravity.


You now have the rundown on coconut water and how to integrate it. Now it’s time to experiment with different ratios in your recipes. Create one that both you and your consumers will love. Reach out to iTi Tropicals to request a sample today or to visit our Innovation Kitchen.