Tailgates with an iTiTropical Twist

By: iTi Innovation


Football season is gearing up which means barbeques, tailgates, and viewing parties are on everyone’s calendars. After a summer of traditional burgers and dogs, offer your customers a way to spice it up.

It’s a perfect time to test out recipes and products featuring tropical flavors, such as a Sweet and Sour Pineapple ketchup or a Mango Marinade. These easily achievable products definitely aren’t in your customers’ kitchens or their coolers– but they’ll want them to be.


Sweet and Sour Pineapple KetchupTailgate

33g Ketchup Base

1.75g Soy Sauce

4 g Pineapple Juice Concentrate

iTi Tropicals 8800

5.5g Brown Sugar

4.5g Rice Vinegar

Combine all ingredients in an immersion blender until smooth consistency. Marinate overnight.

Want to offer a few different tropical ketchup options? No problem! Substitute the pineapple with passionfruit or acerola for something a little different but equally delicious.

Next up on the menu? Mango Marinade! It pairs brilliantly with that grilled chicken and will surely impress.

There are many different varieties of mango, and iTi Tropicals offers quite a few. The Alphonso variety from India is considered a premium product containing a smooth, thin, creamy texture with a hint of coconut taste.

Totapuri mango is another variety from India. This mango is thick with few fibers, tart and has slight cooked green notes. There’s also the Tommy mango variety. It’s smooth and has the typical characteristic flavor components of mangos that most Americans consume. With a variety of options, all you have to do is pick!


Mango Marinade

105 g Mango puree

iTi Tropicals 9500

20.25 g Lime Juice

6 g Virgin Coconut Oil (recommend at temperature >70 °F – liquid form)

iTi Tropicals 2990

5 g Chopped jalapenos

4 g Chopped ginger

2.75 g Rice vinegar

1.25g Salt

Combine all ingredients in an immersion blender until smooth consistency. Marinate overnight.

With a pH of around 3.20 and an 18 °Brix content, this high-acid marinade will stay stable in the fridge for several weeks.

Go ahead and try these recipes for yourself. Better yet, give us a call and schedule a time to visit our innovation kitchen. We’ll be happy to discuss how you can offer your customers something new at their next shindig!

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