Reduce the Need for Added Sugar with iTi Tropicals 

By: iTi Innovation

Consumers are always looking for ways to improve or maintain their health. As a result, consumers are increasingly aware of the sweeteners used in products and the perceptions associated with the sweetener. Consumers are also starting to look for products that contain no added sugar, making fruit a great alternative to increase flavor and decrease added sugars.  

For most consumers, taste is still key, but many are now torn between taste and sugar reduction. With iTi Tropicals’ exotic fruit juices, purees, and concentrates, products can taste great while lowering the level of added sugar in a product!   

Below are some examples of fruit products that can be used to reduce the need for added sugar. 

  • Coconut water is a great way to reduce the sugar content and calories of juice, while maintaining a 100% juice claim without compromising on flavor. Coconut water imparts minimal flavor and color, limiting the interference with the flavor profile and appearance of an application.   
  • Banana is the quintessential tropical ingredient to incorporate into your product.  A little bit goes a long way when using banana because it has a strong, sweet flavor. Use banana puree as a sweetener in both savory and sweet applications.  It compliments many different fruits, vegetables, and flavors, making it a versatile ingredient to help reduce added sugars in a product.   
  • Mango is naturally sweet and nutritious. Instead of using added sugar in a formulation, try using mango puree. Not only does it taste great, but it also adds essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber to a product while reducing the need for added sugar.   
  • Guava is sweet, tangy, and bright in flavor that is ideal for both sweet and savory applications. Use guava puree in place of an added sugar to sweeten sauces, condiments, and more.  Another benefit to using to guava in a product is that it contains vitamin C and fiber. 

At iTi, we offer a wide variety of tropical fruit purees, juices, and concentrates. Check out the full line of products we offer and request your sample today!