Plant-Based Frozen Novelty Applications

By: iTi Innovation

Plant-based frozen novelties have never tasted so good with iTi Tropicals fruit purees, juices, and juice concentrates.  At iTi Tropicals, tropical, plant-based ingredients are our specialty. Our product portfolio offers a wide variety of plant-based ingredients, that are perfect for frozen novelties. Product offerings include acerola, acai, banana, dragon fruit, coconut cream, coconut water, guava, mango, pineapple, and more! 

Create the perfect non-dairy, frozen novelty base with coconut cream.  iTi Tropicals’ coconut cream is smooth and creamy with a fat content of 24%.  

Pineapple is a summer favorite.  Blend iTi Tropicals’ pineapple juice with our coconut cream for a light yet smooth non-dairy frozen novelty.   

Pair acai with coconut cream for a frozen novelty that is rich, decadent, and full of antioxidants. 

For a unique, tangy, and sweet flavor, add guava puree to your plant-based frozen novelties. 

We’re iTi Tropicals, one of North America’s most trusted suppliers of tropical fruit juice concentrates and purees. We’re passionate about the power of plant-based ingredients. 

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