Better Butter

By: iTi Innovation


If bored tongues are the problem, iTi Tropicals has the cure: Passionfruit! Elevate standard butter by adding tropical fruits for delicious flavor enhancements. All of our tropical fruits purees and concentrates taste delicious, but the combination of butter and passionfruit are in a league of their own.

Creamy butter blended with the tart, astringent notes of passionfruit are a perfect pair. The passionfruit will give your customers an exotic experience that will make them excited about butter.

Infuse iTi Tropicals Passionfruit Juice and cane sugar with a sweet cream salted butter for a sweeter spread to be added to bagels, scones, muffins, and more!

How to make Passionfruit Butter:

11.6% iTi Tropicals Passionfruit Juice

14.3% Sugar

74.1% Sweet Cream Salted Butter

  • Allow 1 stick of butter to come to room temperature and place in a bowl
  • Dissolve sugar in iTi Tropicals Passionfruit Juice in a separate bowl
  • Add Passionfruit mixture to butter and whip with a high speed hand blender


Use the whipped passionfruit butter at room temperature or place in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Request a sample of iTi Tropicals passionfruit today!


For more about passionfruit applications and how to cure the (fictional) malady “Bored Tongue Syndrome,” watch our video below!

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