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Discovering What’s Possible with Tropical

Post Date: 12/20/2018

By: iTi Innovation

At the beginning of the year, iTi’s Innovation Team wrote a blog predicting food trends, and how tropical fruits would be at the top of the list of 2018’s greatest ingredients. Let’s revisit these predicted trends and see how they came to fruition! Every year, major food publications, data researchers, and even grocery stores publish … Continue reading Discovering What’s Possible with Tropical

Coconut Water – From Humble Beginnings to Showstopper Versatility

Post Date: 12/13/2018

By: iTi Innovation

What is Coconut Water and Where Does It Come From? Coconuts are derived from the coconut palm, a tropical tree with the Latin name Cocos nucifera. The coconut palm tree grows in tropical regions around the equator, and upon reaching maturity can stand 65 to 72 feet tall. Coconuts can be harvested year round, and … Continue reading Coconut Water – From Humble Beginnings to Showstopper Versatility

Veggie Coconut Curry

Post Date: 12/6/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  Looking for a plant-based alternative for creamy recipes? Coconut milk is the perfect option! Warm up with our delicious Veggie Coconut Curry recipe.     Ingredients: 1 tablespoon Virgin Coconut Oil ½ cup Onion, diced 4 Garlic Cloves, minced 1 tablespoon Ginger, grated ½ cup Broccoli florets ½ cup Carrots, diced 1/4 cup Cherry … Continue reading Veggie Coconut Curry

iTi Tropicals Celebrates 30 Years!

Post Date: 11/15/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  iTi Tropicals is celebrating 30 years of innovation! President and Owner, Gert van Manen, founded iTi Tropicals in 1988. Headquartered in Lawrenceville, NJ, iTi imports the world’s highest quality tropical and exotic fruit juices, purees and concentrates. iTi Tropicals takes ownership and responsibility for the items we import and distribute to offer a full … Continue reading iTi Tropicals Celebrates 30 Years!

Coconut Water – the Solution for Mindful Consumers

Post Date: 11/8/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  The iTi Tropicals Team recently attended the 2018 Juice Summit in Antwerp, Belgium, and are eager to share a few of the current industry trends discussed at this leading annual conference for fruit juices. With 43 speakers, 300 companies and 553 attendees from over 40 countries participating, the Juice Summit serves as a forum … Continue reading Coconut Water – the Solution for Mindful Consumers

“Fall” in Love with Tropical Flavors

Post Date: 11/1/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  As the leaves start to change colors and the nights become colder, consumers naturally seek warm comfort foods to satisfy their cravings. Hearty soups and stews are perfect meal options to give the consumer a taste of the changing seasons. Elevate familiar comfort foods with unexpected, exotic flavors from tropical fruits. Many of our product … Continue reading “Fall” in Love with Tropical Flavors

Utilizing Clarified Products in Brews, Wines, Mocktails and More!

Post Date: 10/18/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  Calling all product developers! Spice up your spirits and brighten your brews with iTi’s clarified fruit juices! iTi Tropicals offers several clarified tropical fruit juice concentrates that are especially suited for incorporation into beers, wines, spirits and mocktails. These fruit juice concentrates evoke a tropical state of mind and blend seamlessly into your beverage … Continue reading Utilizing Clarified Products in Brews, Wines, Mocktails and More!

Coconut Water Concentrate

Post Date: 10/11/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  Coconut is a bountiful fruit – it bears coconut water, coconut cream, and coconut oil. Explore the benefits of the most hydrating of the three – coconut water – with the iTi Innovation Team. Coconut water is the translucent liquid extracted from inside of a coconut (not to be confused with coconut cream or … Continue reading Coconut Water Concentrate

Guava Cupcakes with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting

Post Date: 10/4/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  Did you know that iTi’s fruit purees can also be used as an egg substitute? The guava puree in this eggless recipe adds great flavor, texture, color, vitamin C, and antioxidants!        Guava Cupcake Recipe: ·         Cake mix ·         ½ cup – iTi Tropicals Guava Puree ·         1 cup – Water … Continue reading Guava Cupcakes with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting

The Surge in Plant-Based Vegan Non-Dairy Products

Post Date: 09/20/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  Coconut Milk: Nature’s Answer to Dairy Milk choices are no longer limited to the fat percentage and color of the lid or carton (red, green, blue, purple). Options now include organic milk, grass-fed cow milk, and lactose-free milk, among many others. And recently, a growing number of non-dairy milk alternatives are being developed to meet … Continue reading The Surge in Plant-Based Vegan Non-Dairy Products

Infographic: Maintain 100% Juice while Cutting Sugar

Post Date: 09/13/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  Curious how you can provide your customers with a 100% Juice product that is lower in sugar and doesn’t impact taste? Check out our infographic below to see how.   Click here for a PDF of this infographic.    

Passionfruit-Chili Shrimp Taco Recipe

Post Date: 09/6/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  The Innovation Team at iTi has developed a sweet and spicy passionfruit-chili marinade for tropical shrimp tacos! Contact our team of expert food scientists for more ideas like this one.   Passionfruit Chili Marinade Recipe ½ C iTi Tropicals Passionfruit Juice ½ C Water ¼ C Olive Oil ¼ C White Vinegar ¼ C … Continue reading Passionfruit-Chili Shrimp Taco Recipe

Coconut Whipped Cream with a Cherry on Top

Post Date: 08/16/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  Don’t let your customers’ non-dairy sundaes feel incomplete any longer – Coconut whipped cream is the ultimate sundae experience! In addition to its great taste and ability to please dairy-free consumers, it also lasts longer than leading commercial brand whipped creams. In our video below, we condensed 10 minutes of footage into a quick … Continue reading Coconut Whipped Cream with a Cherry on Top

Coconut Water – A Useful Tool to Support R&D Application Growth

Post Date: 08/9/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  Coconuts are the fruit of the coconut palm, botanically known as Cocos nucifera. Coconut water is the translucent, free flowing liquid obtained from the inside of the coconut, and has been utilized for many years as a natural source of hydration. Coconut water can serve as a nutritive and rehydrating agent to restore electrolyte … Continue reading Coconut Water – A Useful Tool to Support R&D Application Growth

Get Groovy with Guava!

Post Date: 08/2/2018

By: iTi Innovation

  Guava is an exotic fruit grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions. An excellent source of vitamins A and C, as well as antioxidants, it’s a no-brainer to include guava as an ingredient in your next product line! Guava’s flavor profile contributes acidity and tanginess, which compliments sweet food items, such as pastries, cupcakes, and … Continue reading Get Groovy with Guava!