Make Any Day a “Sundae” with these Tasty Toppings!

By: iTi Innovation

Last month, the iTi Innovation Team shared a recipe for a Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert Base utilizing iTi Tropicals Coconut Cream. To make your frozen treats even sweeter, our team has developed a list of our top 10 favorite tasty toppings to help you craft the perfect non-dairy sundae for your customers!


  1. Passionfruit Glaze

Passionfruit provides a pleasant tropical twist! Blend 50% iTi Tropicals Clarified Passionfruit Concentrate with 50% honey to increase viscosity and balance out the tartness.


  1. Caramel Sauce

Intrigue your customers and their taste buds with dairy-free caramel! Substitute cream and butter from a traditional caramel sauce recipe with iTi Tropicals Virgin Coconut Oil and iTi Tropicals Coconut Cream. Yum!


  1. Chocolate Fudge

Create another dairy-free delight by substituting iTi Tropicals Virgin Coconut Oil and iTi Tropicals Coconut Cream in your favorite chocolate fudge recipe. Scrumptious chocolate sauce without the dairy is a sure crowd-pleaser that may help to expand your customer base!


  1. Guava Glaze

For a unique flavor with a sweet pay-off, heat and whisk 50% iTi Tropicals Guava Puree together with 50% sugar until smooth. Guavalicious!


  1. Banana Syrup

Channel a banana split with this sweet, flavorful syrup! Mix 30% iTi Tropicals Clarified Banana Concentrate and 70% maple syrup together. This banana syrup is delicious served warm or cool!


  1. Açaí Drizzle

iTi Tropicals Pureed Açaí has a deliciously gritty texture that when blended, will hold its shape. That, plus its beautiful purple color, makes it perfect for topping an “Instagrammable” treat! Tropical Tip: Açaí and chocolate pair perfectly together!


  1. Diced Coconut

Instead of simple shavings, elevate your coconut topping with a sprinkling of iTi Tropicals Coconut Dices! Contact iTi Tropicals to request a sample.


  1. Wet Walnuts

Get a taste of the tropics by soaking walnuts in iTi Tropicals Pineapple Juice Concentrate for a sweetly infused crunchy topping!


  1. Coconut Whipped Cream

Transform this traditional topping to accommodate non-dairy diets with iTi Tropicals Coconut Cream! Check out this blog post for a simple recipe, and to see how well iTi’s coconut whipped cream stands up against a leading dairy-based commercial brand.


  1. Coconut Water Gummy Bears

Make your sundae fun and friendly by topping it with gummy bears! Use iTi Tropicals Coconut Water as the liquid in the base for a great texture and flavor. Elevate your gummies even more by adding a tropical fruit puree, like iTi Tropicals Dragon Fruit Puree for a sweet taste and gorgeous color!


With 10 tasty toppings to choose from, there’s something for every customer to enjoy! So, start with our Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert Base, and use your creativity to craft the perfect tropical sundae!

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