iTi Tropicals Celebrates 30 Years!

By: iTi Innovation


iTi Tropicals is celebrating 30 years of innovation! President and Owner, Gert van Manen, founded iTi Tropicals in 1988. Headquartered in Lawrenceville, NJ, iTi imports the world’s highest quality tropical and exotic fruit juices, purees and concentrates. iTi Tropicals takes ownership and responsibility for the items we import and distribute to offer a full service experience for our customers. In addition to the typical tasks of an importer, iTi provides unique services that make us stand out as an industry leader. iTi Tropicals has a highly qualified staff that specializes in quality control, as well as research and development, to provide support with product formulation and industry challenges. iTi Tropicals welcomes opportunities to assist customers with ideas on how to optimally utilize our products in a variety of creative applications.

As the leading supplier of tropical and exotic fruit juice concentrates and purees in North America, a crucial focus of our business is to maintain long-standing relationships with our suppliers throughout the world, as well as our employees, customers, and other industry partners.

Nurturing important relationships requires hard work and dedication from our talented staff. iTi Tropicals strives to provide an enjoyable experience with our business partners, as well as within our internal team.

As iTi’s business has grown over the last 30 years, so has its staff. iTi takes pride in fostering a welcoming environment for its employees by encouraging a healthy lifestyle. This includes providing nutritious company lunches 4 days a week, and a uniquely modeled workspace that feels more like home than a traditional office. The work environment at iTi Tropicals has created a community of caring individuals that are passionate about what they do. The foundation of the iTi Tropicals family began 30 years ago, and is still going strong to this day.

To commemorate 30 years of business, iTi asked its employees what it is that they love about the culture at iTi Tropicals. This is what they said.


“The sky is the limit at iTi. The opportunity that each employee has is so exhilarating that it becomes addicting. We are a part of something great.”

“I love that at iTi Tropicals, the employees encourage one another to lead a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally! I also love that the tropical products we sell are healthy, versatile, ecological and vibrant.”

“I love working for a company that has a very loyal reputation, is dedicated to the wellbeing of employees and the environment, the comradery with co-workers and of course fantastic lunches!”

“I love the environment that we work in, the people, my boss and the way our offices are set up like a home. We spend so much time at work and it’s a great thing when you enjoy going to work and working with people with a common goal.”

“I feel very fortunate that in all my years of employment, I have never had a group of coworkers who are as courteous, kind, and friendly as the people I am surrounded with here at iTi Tropicals. That makes this a very special place. Thank you all.”

“At iTi we have a great working environment. The style of our office brings together different cultural elements from around the world. A beautiful courtyard connects our two office buildings which is a relaxing space to take a break or eat lunch. We are encouraged to live a healthy, active lifestyle and we work together for a shared purpose.”

“Whether you are young or old, near or far, you are encouraged to be who you are. At iTi Tropicals, work is something we find ourselves doing every day while we are here, being productive, growing and interacting while having fun is something we do year after year!”

“Love our micro community of the iTi office and walking down to our favorite restaurant to enjoy lunches together. I also very much appreciate how we take care of each other and the workload. The work always gets done. That speaks volumes about the kind of people working at iTi.”


iTi Tropicals has built a strong foundation over the last 30 years, and we look forward to continued growth as the leading supplier of exotic fruit juices, purees and concentrates in North America – with great people behind it! Get to know us in 90 seconds or check out our website to learn more about iTi Tropicals.

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