Last Chance to Try Our Line of Innovative Coconut Blends

By: iTi Innovation


iTi Tropicals’ popular line of custom coconut water prototype blends won’t be available for much longer. We’re offering you a final opportunity to experience the benefits of utilizing coconut water blended with other fruits in a finished prototype!

The prototypes are a delicious demonstration of how products can maintain 100% juice while lowering sugar and calories.  What more can you ask for?  Order any one of the 7 samples before they are all gone.

The blended coconut water beverages highlight powerful ingredients for use in products including but not limited to: juice, tea, coffee, and soda. The blends contribute mouthfeel, electrolytes and label-appeal to beverages as well as ice creams, yogurts, soups, dressings, and sauces.

Being largely neutral in flavor and color, coconut water blends well with tropical, non-tropical and vegetable juices alike. The seven blends are designed to highlight how coconut water can enhance consumer health and label appeal of other juices and vegetables.

These shelf-stable prototypes are packaged under HACCP- and cGMPs at the Tetra Pak pilot facility located in Denton, Texas. Contact iTi Tropicals to request samples to taste for your development needs today!

Our prototypes, all 100% Juice, include:

  • Coconut Water Apple Passionfruit Blend
  • Coconut Water Acerola Blend
  • Coconut Water Cranberry Blend
  • Coconut Water Grape Blend
  • Coconut Water Green Vegetable Blend
  • Coconut Water Red Vegetable Blend
  • Sweetened Coconut Water

For more information on our Innovative Coconut Blends, click here.

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