I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for iTiceCream!

By: iTi Innovation


National Ice Cream month may be over but at iTi the innovation never stops! Instead we’ve decided to keep the ice cream excitement going by celebrating one of our favorite trends: non-dairy ice cream. At iTi, we’ve officially declared August National Non-Dairy ‘Ice Cream’ month!

Our Innovation team has developed two new non-dairy frozen dessert bases.  The first base uses an ingredient that has seen serious increases in popularity over the last few years: coconut cream.

The second base uses the more familiar banana!  Although banana is not a new ingredient, its innovative use as a base for frozen desserts is a unique alternative for traditional dairy ice creams. We also have naturally flavored prototypes that include chocolate, strawberry and coffee.

As plant-based, allergen-free, and vegan products continue to drive market trends, iTi strives to provide innovative ingredient options for brands in order to meet consumer demands.  Our frozen dessert base recipes are clean-label and delicious.  We don’t believe you need to hinder health to achieve great flavor.  These bases are so good you can’t even tell you aren’t eating traditional dairy ice cream.

These iTice Creams are only experimental and meant to provide inspiration to our customers.  That’s where you come in! Contact iTi today to taste our creations and let us assist you in making the next great non-dairy frozen dessert.

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