How iTi Tropicals, as an Importer, Can Help Your Company

By: iTi Innovation

What is iTi Tropicals?

iTi Tropicals is an independent company headquartered in Lawrenceville, NJ. Our sole business is to import the highest quality tropical and exotic fruit purees and concentrates in the world.  We are not a broker or agents; we take the legal possession of the imported goods and stand behind our products 100%.

What does iTi Tropicals offer?

Our focus at iTi is on coconut cream, coconut water, passion fruit, mango, banana, pineapple, acai, papaya, mangosteen, dragon fruit, guava, acerola, and virgin coconut oil.

We import the finest fruit ingredients from only the best tropical fruit purees, fruit juices, and fruit juice concentrates manufacturers to a network of warehouses throughout the United States.

What can iTi Tropicals do for your company?

We are here to work with you and  for you. Since iTi is an importer, we take away many of the uncertainties surrounding imported products.  Among others:

  1. We anticipate crop fluctuations due to weather, pests and other variables and take positions accordingly.
  2. We finance from the moment the goods are loaded on the vessel and offer most of our customers 30 day payment terms starting only from the moment customer picks it up at the warehouse in the United States, thus bridging often more than 90-120 days of financing.
  3. We insure all products from the moment the product leaves the port of origin.
  4. We arrange transport from Asia and South America to the United States.
  5. We maintain warehouse inventory throughout the United States.
  6. We travel continuously throughout the world to meet with farmers and processors allowing us to maintain strong bonds with those who farm and process the products.
  7. We work with a limited group of processing partners that are Juice HACCP Complaint as well as GFSI certified.
  8. We liaise with FDA, DEA, Homeland Security which has added a new level of complexity to importing.
  9. We are a Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certified importer.
  10. We have a sample program in place for providing samples of our products to customers, for testing and evaluation of  products to ensure quality, and for supporting testing/evaluation for all R&D/Innovation activities.

As experienced international merchants, we understand the many variables and risks of international sourcing of tropical fruit products, and efficiently and effectively manage them for our customers. We purchase, ship, insure, import, clear, and warehouse the goods.

How else can iTi help you?

In addition to the typical tasks of an importer, iTi Tropicals provides some unique services.  We realize that some of the products we sell are extremely exotic and you may need some assistance on how to utilize them in finished products.  We have Food Scientists on staff who have backgrounds in Quality Assurance and Product Development to assist you with any questions you may have using our products.

For inquiries, sample requests, or to contact R&D and Quality Control, please click here.

We look forward to working with & for you!

Gert van Manen

President, iTi Tropicals, Inc.

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