Going, Going, Gone!

By: iTi Innovation


This is Your Final Chance to Try Our Line of Innovative Coconut Blends


We’re offering one more opportunity to experience the benefits of utilizing coconut water blended with other fruits in a finished prototype!


The prototypes are a delicious demonstration of how products can maintain 100% juice while lowering sugar and calories.  Due to its neutrality in flavor and color, coconut water blends well with tropical, non-tropical and vegetable juices alike. The seven blends are designed to highlight how coconut water can enhance juice label appeal, as well as provide consumers with a healthier juice option. What more can you ask for?


These shelf-stable prototypes are packaged under HACCP- and cGMPs at the Tetra Pak pilot facility located in Denton, Texas. Contact iTi Tropicals to request samples to taste for your development needs today!


Order any one of the seven samples before they are all gone.


Our prototypes, all 100% Juice, include:

  • Coconut Water Apple Passionfruit Blend
  • Coconut Water Acerola Blend
  • Coconut Water Cranberry Blend
  • Coconut Water Grape Blend
  • Coconut Water Green Vegetable Blend
  • Coconut Water Red Vegetable Blend
  • Sweetened Coconut Water


For more information on our Innovative Coconut Blends, click here.

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