Get To Know Passionfruit

By: iTi Innovation


What’s your passion? Sports? Yoga? Fruit?  Here at iTi Tropicals, we are passionate about living well and experiencing all life has to offer; especially tropical fruits from around the world!  iTi specializes in bringing your company these gifts for you to share as part of your products.

One fruit we are particularly passionate about is passionfruit.  This exceptional fruit originates from South America. Passionfruit is a small, spherical-shaped fruit that varies in purple or yellow coloring.  Its protective outer skin encompasses a tart, seed-filled juice that pairs well with just about anything!

This indulgent fruit is rising in popularity among consumers and growing in recognition as a marketable ingredient for food and beverage brands.  You may have heard or seen passionfruit referred to by other names, depending on your geographic location.  Different names for passionfruit include: Parcha, Maracuja, and Lillko’i.

It offers more than just a great taste; it has nutritional value as well. Passionfruit juice is high in Vitamin A and antioxidants in the form of phytochemicals, such as carotenoids and polyphenols.

When you want to consume this fruit fresh from the market, make sure it’s purple. If you’re looking for juice production, the yellow passionfruit will be more suitable for your needs.

Our innovation team was feeling inspired and whipped up a delicious passionfruit recipe, perfect for summer. Treat your taste buds to a passionfruit vinaigrette this summer.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar                                        63.300%
  • Olive Oil                                                               22.500%
  • Sugar                                                                     10.000%
  • iTi Tropicals Passionfruit Concentrate           3.300%
  • Salt                                                                         0.400%
  • Garlic Powder                                                   0.200%
  • Black Pepper                                                     0.200%
  • Parsley Flakes                                                    0.100%

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